Friday, November 7, 2008

The DeHart five

These ones belong to me. . . through my sister. I love them! While out west for that 55 hours previously mentioned we had a little photo shoot and I am oh so pleased with the results. Really though, how could you get a bad shot of any one of these faces. By the way, those super cute flower clips that are attached to the girl's hats, the ones you are eyeing and envying and wondering where to purchase. My talented sister (yes, the mother of these five) made them. She and my younger sister make them often. They are adorable. Wish you could see all of her creations. . . cupcakes, apples, pumpkins, owls, flowers, cherries, you name it and she has turned it into a funky little clip. She should set up an Etsy shop huh? She's sort of busy at the moment, with those five. Just wanted to acknowledge her talent and creativity here.

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