Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dahl Family Sneak Peek

I first met Matt and Jenny in 2001 when we moved to New Orleans. Back then they only had one baby girl. Now they've grown to four.

Four beautiful gals....inside and out!

Jenny and I were across the hall from each other in the hospital having our baby girls....her second and my first. I'm so glad we've stayed in touch over the past 10 years and even more glad we are living close again. It has been so fun reconnecting with our old med school friends who also took jobs in good old Salt Lake City.

These girls were a lot of fun to photograph. They each have such fun and spirited personalities, not to mention they just may be the most photogenic things I ever laid eyes on.


SoCalGal said...

So beautiful! It's so fun to see the Dahl's. What gorgeous girls they have. You did a great job!

steph said...

wow, they are REALLY photogenic girls! Each picture is amazing.

Pretty sure they are in my moms ward here. I think that guy was our sunday school teacher last week in church. I'll have to say hello!

ellen said...

I love all those photos! What lucky sisters!